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11/02/2020 - Student Visit to the Natural Reserve in Montserrat.

Student Visit to the Natural Reserve in Montserrat.

On 3rd of December, the 2o students of grau superior de forestal went to know about Natural Reserve management in Montserrat. They walked through its paths, and they were able to experience the environment spirituality, following the beautiful hermitages hidden in nature. All that was possible thanks to Ramon Bisbal, their director and father of Manel Gasch, who accompanied us, and showed us secret and unknown hideouts of the massif. A special student visit, different from the others. Rarely the director of a natural park lends himself to attend and accompany a walk of these characteristics. And that’s not all, a father of the benedictine community wants to join and enrich much more the visit, and making it unforgettable. The students have had the chance to know the reality of the management of a singular Reserve like this one and capture its magic.

06/02/2020 - Visit to the Mas La Carrera

Visit to the Mas La Carrera

On 17th of January, Mas La Carrera farm, located in Sant Esteve d’en Bas (La Garrotxa), was visited by the 2o students of Grau Superior de Ramaderia i Sanitat Animal. Mas La Carrera is a familiar company that has 300 beef cows of different breeds. They fatten up and sell calf meat quality products for the Natrus brand. Sergi Pujolriu explained to the students about the development and operation of the current company.

Mas La Carrera is a pioneering because of its introduction of Angus breed cows. This breed is known for its quality meat. But that’s not all, in Mas La Carrera they also do agricultural work on the land. The livestock feed is from their harvest while the case of the cows it’s based on pastures and forages. In summer, cows transhumance to Ripollès and take advantage of mountain pastures. Cows are provident with an individual identification system and the Global Positioning System, GPS, which includes sensors that help the herd’s management.

Fattening calves food is an “unfeed” ration with a high base of fodder. Mas La Carrera is a sample of a company that evolves and undertakes improvements projects. From Quintanes we show our gratitude to Mas La Carrera for the opportunity of making such an interesting visit.

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20/01/2020 - Student Visit to Cusachs company.

Student Visit to Cusachs company.

The last 19th of December, the 1o students of GM d’Aprofitament i Conservació del Medi Natural went to Cusachs company de Riell del Montseny.

Through the day we could see and talk about forest machinery. We saw how they cut securely some oaks, how they dragged them, and capstanted and all that refers to the maintenance of the chainsaw. Then in the warehouse, they told us about the different machines such as strimmer tractor, machinery for biomass and so on. Sergi explained to us about the company and different forestry jobs they do. At the afternoon we went to the sawmill where we could observe all sawmill’s machines, trucks in charge of carrying firewood and self-loading truck, one of the company's machines insignia.

From here, we want to thanks the availability and good treatment of the company Cusachs, and in particular Sergi.

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08/01/2020 - Visit to the Mas Bes Dairy Farm

Visit to the Mas Bes Dairy Farm

On 17th December, the Mas Bes dairy farm, received the visit of first-year students of High Level of Livestock and Animal Health. Mas Bes is a company that produces cow milk branded ATO Nature.
Aleix Viñolas, explained the evolution and how the farm operates nowadays, the biogas plant where they produce electricity, and the farm’s visits available to all kind of groups of people interested. The visitors can supplement the experience visiting the historical Farm Museum, seeing the evolution of farmers’ lifestyle, the shop where you can buy several farm’s products, and finally eating in the farm’s restaurant.
One of the next Mas Bes projects will be the installation of photovoltaic solar panels to produce the electricity consumed by the farm. Mas Bes is an example of a company open to the public, which evolves, undertakes news projects, and announces products which are the result of their work and values. We, the School, thank the Mas Bes farm, for giving us the opportunity to make this interesting visit. More information: https://www.masbes.com/

+ info: https://www.masbes.com

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