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12/11/2019 - Student Visit to Can Toi porcine farm

Student Visit to Can Toi porcine farm

7 of November, the 2o GM students of “Producció Agropecuària” visited Can Toi porcine farm located in Sant Marti Sescorts. “Can Toi” is a familiar farm type and an innovative farm model with a continuous improvement spirit, and with projects to keep adapting in the current situation of the market and all the sectors demands We appreciate Ramon Molist and Pedro Casals, who are in charge of the farm, for their attention and explanations of the different aspects they keep in mind for the farm: genetics, management, alimentation, reproduction, facilities, health service, environmental process and so on. bienestar animal, gestión medioambiental, etc.

05/11/2019 - Director visit of SS Iaalatten de Segangan, Morocco

Director visit of SS Iaalatten de Segangan, Morocco

We are curious, we like to share to improve. This is one of our characteristics, discover and exchange educative project experiences over the world. We have had a visit of Mr Idahri, director of SS Iaalatten de Segangan (Nador, Morocco). A very enriching day.

FR: Nous sommes curieux, nous aimons partager pour nous améliorer. C’est l’une de nos caractéristiques: découvrir et échanger des expériences de projets éducatifs dans le monde entier. Aujourd'hui, nous avons eu la visite de M. Idahri, directeur du SS Iaalatten de Segangan (Nador, Maroc). Une journée enrichissante.



Since 2 years ago, EFA Quintanes School has provided ECC school year (European Chainsaw Certificate). School intends to get close to the companies and self-sufficient to make a professional and improve safety and work in the forest sector conditions. We provide ECC1, ECC2 and ECC3. Also, Quintanes offer the possibility to do a “preparatory” intensive course for those who have done an official ECC school year and want to do an exam. Currently, more than 25 persons have done this academic training. Each time the number of people interested increase and contact us to request information because it’s necessary to promote in the workwise or to guarantee business professionalism. If you are interested to know about when is the next academic training, call 93.850.24.41 or send an email to efa@quintanes.com. The groups are small.

+ info: http://www.quintanes.com/carnet-motoserra

08/10/2019 - VT to the agrarian company of Soler de N'Hug.

VT to the agrarian company of Soler de N'Hug.

The last 20 of September, the 1o students of GS of “Ramaderia i assistència animal” visited the agrarian company of Soler de N’Hug in Prats de Lluçanès. There, we were able to see a company working with different production (milk, meat), various types of cattle (bovine, ovine, porcine) and the last fabrication (milk, meat) that are assigned to short circuit sells (own stores and small butchers) and not for the industry. And that’s not all, because at this point it’s the only Catalan company that has a low capacity abattoir destined to the ovine animals who have been breed in the same company. We want to show gratitude for the disponibility of Peraire brothers (Abel and Pep) and also their father (Toni) for explaining to us how it works such a varied agrarian company

08/10/2019 - VT to the agrarian company of Mas Terricabres.

VT to the agrarian company of Mas Terricabres.

The last 4 of October, the students of 2o of GM “Agrario” went to visit an agrarian company of Mas Terricabres in Oristà. This visit consists to see a familiar business to make the students think about ideas for the project they do during this course. Besides visiting the cattle: beef cows, calves and pigs, they showed us about their work with alternative energies like photovoltaic sheets and biomass splinter for the heatings. The company is also working with different native of chickpeas, green tomatoes and wheat to prevent their extinction. It has been a pleasant visit and the family has attended us excellently.

30/09/2019 - VT Route in Osona forests.

VT Route in Osona forests.

To start the academy course with energy and cause awareness, each year we organize a trip with Gestió Forestal i del Medi Natural students in Osona. The trip was in Vidrà-St. Pere de Torelló by Forat Micó. This route is done for some reasons: in order to observe different kind of forests, to work the plants associations, to visualize the different plants in function of the climate and to get a closer the forestry process and last, but not least, to promote group cohesion.

27/09/2019 -

Last Friday 27th, a student group from “Gudewill Schule OBS mit gymnasialem Angebot” school in Thedinghausen visited us. Thedinghausen is a municipality of Verden district, in Lover Saxony, Germany. It is located on the left border of Weser, about 15 km to the west of Verden, and 20 km southeast of Bremen.

The school students are doing a foreign exchange program with Santpedor school, and connoisseurs of Quintanes’ path regarding the stay and exchanges. They requested to visit our school. They have received an explanation of the alternative education system that is one of EFA Quintanes' identity features since the beginning. Afterward, they were able to walk around its facilities and through the forest of Quintanes.

26/09/2019 -

The year starts with a lot of activity since the first day. The students of 1st “Grau superior de Paisatgisme i Medi rural” visited the botanical garden Marimurtra located in Blanes. An intriguing visit for the more than four thousand plant species, most of them exotic, as well as the different extraordinary specimens for its age or dimensions.

Marimurtra is the work of a passionated man towards nature. Carl Faust (Hadamar, Germany 1874 - Blanes 1952), an entrepreneur established in Catalonia, he dedicated his illusion, effort and all his heritage to the realization of his dreams.https://www.marimurtra.cat/ + info: https://www.marimurtra.cat/

+ info: https://www.marimurtra.cat/

01/07/2019 - Monitoring visits of Dual Training.

Monitoring visits of Dual Training.

With the aim of responding to the needs of the work market, the vocational training dual bet to increase the collaboration among professional educational centers and companies, in the student's formative process. In this school year 2018 -2019 we have started to teach in the dual modality the medium-grade cycle of agricultural production. The agreements of collaboration between the company and the school have been formalized to be able to carry out the FCT in the modality dual. After educating the company tutor, the individual agreement is implemented where the conditions are established in order to develop a dual training. After some time, when the student is in a company, the monitoring visits begin which will determinate how will be the following of the practices and the objectives are defined for the student who will have to achieve them during summer.

+ info: http://queestudiar.gencat.cat/ca/estudis/fp/mesures-flexib/fp-dual/index.html

19/06/2019 - Technic Journey of fruit growing in Mas Badia (IRTA)

Technic Journey of fruit growing in Mas Badia (IRTA)

The technic journey of fruit growing has provided the quality improvements of the second medium-grade students of agriculture and livestock holding, in the discovery of new varieties and crop techniques. They visited Mas Badia, a center that works together with IRTA. It's about an experimental farming season which has as objective conduct the activities of agricultural experimentation that allow the improvement and orient the province of Gerona's farming.

+ info: http://www.irta.cat/ca/centre/mas-badia/

05/06/2019 - Study Visit in Can Bartomeu (Prats de Rei)

Study Visit in Can Bartomeu (Prats de Rei)

Friday, May 24th the students of first medium -grade of agriculture and livestock went to visit Can Bartomeu. This company has as activities, for example, the extensive crops (it has 500 hectares: some of them are Can Bartomeu's property and the others are leased), works to third parties, fatten up porcine and expand agrotourism. The house son, Marc Fitó, has taught us the activities in which the company is engaged, remarking the plagues and crops illness and the way to confront them. Besides, he has taught us and explained the machines they use, their characteristics and functioning. Whereas in the agrotourism, Marc has told they have a rural independent lodging modality. To conclude, it has been a visit in which the students have had the opportunity to see the different activities focused on the same field, and thanks to these varieties of activities, the company is able to work.

02/06/2019 - We celebrated the Festa del Camp.

We celebrated the Festa del Camp.

Sunday, 2nd of June we celebrated the Festa del Camp, 2019. Four hundred people assisted and this year the sun shined all day. Like every year, ex-students of old promotions were invited to the celebration; this year they accompany us the 33rd and 36th promotions. The party started with the usual final of the football championship where the blue team took the victory, with representatives of Forestal with a score in favor of 8 goals to 6. ¡It was a very close ending! In parallel began the gymkhana of tractors, organized by the school's teacher Josep Bagaria. This game tests in the ability and driving of tractors. The winner was Ferran Faig of 2GM of Gardening, in the second position Jaume Roquet of 2GM of Forest and the last place was for Mr. Xavier Capdevila, Arnau Capdevila's father, student of the school. The academic event was lead by Mr. Francesc Javier Vela, JARC's president, Mr. Toni Martorell, Director of Quintanes, Mr. Miquel Torrents, Presidento of the Fundació Antiga Caixa Manlleu, Mr. Joan Roca, President of Consell Comarcal d'Osona and Mr. Sergi Vilamala, Mayor of Les Masies de Voltregà.The parliaments of the authorities defined us as integrative school, active and open to the environment and who looks after the development of the students. During the academic event, the awards "Q" were given, that each year are given in recognition of the companies and people who contribute to the school. This year, the award was for the company Juscafresa S.A and Codina Maquinària and Mr. José Santaella. A great dinner was prepared by our cooks, which consisted of rice salad and meat to the ember. After having lunch, as every year, we had the chainsaw competition. The winners were Santi Hidalgo, Eduard Jou, Xavi Corominas and Pau Davesa. ¡It was a great party! As usual thanks to all the students, ex- students, teachers, non-teaching staff, friends and EFA Quintanes's collaborators. We are grateful for all their dedication and participation, without which couldn't have been done La Festa.

30/05/2019 - Student Visit to the Camprodon volunteer fire station

Student Visit to the Camprodon volunteer fire station

Thursday, 16 of May, the first CFGM students of d'aprofitament i conservació del medi visited the Camprodon volunteer fire station. There, they explained to them the differences between volunteer firefighters and professional firefighters. Besides, they could visit all the installation of the fire station, know first-hand and how to act in an emergency and see all the fire truck equipment. After all these lines, we want to thanks Francesc and Pere, as well as GRAE who attended to us with their explanations

24/05/2019 - TP Josep Mª Riba, biologist

TP Josep Mª Riba, biologist

The biologist Josep Maria Riba was in a professional get-together with the second CFGS students of Gestión Forestal (Forest Management). The theme was about factors that predispose and trigger plagues and illness in forest areas mass and how to manage these elements to minimise the cost and problems.We could analyse the Maresme's forest situation mass and the different Pirineo's forest areas.Also, they discussed the problem between natural parks of USA and Canada. Once the meeting ended, he shared with all of us his experiences and his big insect collection (with adult and larva size), insect galleries and symptoms that throughout his professional life he has been collecting. In this way, we ended up knowing clearly how are the main plagues of perforators and defoliators of Catalonia.

20/05/2019 - Working day with little excavators

Working day with little excavators

On May 23, the second students of GM of gardening had a working day with little excavators, machines very used in the gardening sector. The working day started by doing all the theoric part, about the excavator's functioning, the controls, the maintenance, the purchase and rent price, the efficiency and, especially, the precaution and security required when we work with them. When the theoric part was done, we switched to the practice part. The students, all and each of them, could practice either with the little excavator or the little rotating machine. It was a very good experience that will help them in professional life because they will be able to rent and work these machines with security and knowledge. At this point, we would like to express our gratitude towards the implication of Mr Carles Viladecans during the day.

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