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11/10/2018 - Mas Terricabras

Mas Terricabras

Last Tuesday, on October the 2nd, twenty second grade students of agricultural production conducted a visit to the Mas Terricabras farm in Oristà. Mas Terricabras is a family business, a diversified livestock farm, which consists of intensive pork production, extensive beef cattle, fattening calves and productions of different cereal crops and fodder crops. Some remarkable aspects of the exploitation are: - The system of heating of the pig farm works with biomass produced in the own operation, and the production of renewable electrical energy with solar photovoltaic panels. - The production and marketing of Forment wheat, wheat used to produce bread of high quality and food value that is marketed directly. - Mas Terricabras has also been a pioneer in producing the “green Orista’s tomato” and the renowned "Cigró d'Oristà", which has a Origin Recognition. The school Quintanes thanks the Rovira Costa family for their kindness and attention, that has given the students the experience of knowing this interesting explotation.

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