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19/10/2017 -

17/10/2017 - Visit to the Mas Bes Dairy Farm

Visit to the Mas Bes Dairy Farm

On October 17th, the Mas Bes dairy farm, received the visit of first-year students of High Level of Livestock and Animal Health. Mas Bes is a company that produces cow milk branded ATO Nature. Joan Viñolas, explained the evolution and how the farm operates nowadays, the biogas plant where they produce electricity, and the farm’s visits available to all kind of groups of people interested. The visitors can supplement the experience visiting the historical Farm Museum, seeing the evolution of farmers’ lifestyle, the shop where you can buy several farm’s products, and finally eating in the restaurant farm. Mas Bes is an example of a company open to the public, which evolves, undertakes news projects, announces products which are the result of their work and the values that move them. We, the School, thank the Mas Bes farm, for giving us the opportunity to make this interesting visit.

+ info: http://masbesdesalitja.blogspot.com.es/

16/10/2017 - A group from the CFAA Ste Livrade School (France) visits us.

A group from the CFAA Ste Livrade School (France) visits us.

Between the 16th and 20th of October of 2017, a group of French students of the school CFAA Ste. Livrade made a trip to Catalonia to discover the Catalan agricultural and livestock sector. During the trip they visited: the wines and oils at the Celler Cooperativa d'Espolla (Espolla), the sausages’ production at Casa Riera Ordeix (Vic), the production of milk in the dairy farm El Riquer (Gurb), the Porcine production in Mas Rovelló (Manlleu), the farm of ecological beef Mas Vall-Llossana (Castellterçol), and the farm machinery dealer Casacuberta (Vic), also carried out a touristic-cultural visit to Barcelona city. We thank all the people and companies that have collaborated making the trip possible. The schools CFAA Ste. Livrade and Quintanes collaborate in the organization, of a stay that next March, students of Quintanes will do in livestock farms in the Aquitaine region (France).

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28/09/2017 -

28/09/2017 - Visit to Mas Terricabras

Visit to Mas Terricabras

On September the 26th, students of the second year of agricultural production visited Mas Terricabras, an agricultural and livestock farm located in Oristà, in Lluçanès. Mas Terricabras is a family business, where the Rovira Costa family works. They received us, responded to the questions asked by the students, and showed us the livestock, the facilities and the machinery. Mas Terricabras has a diversified production and activity: the production of cereals, legumes, cruciferous crops, fattening of stock breeding calves, many of them come from the herd of cows raised in an extensive system, and one intensive pork production. Other notable aspects of the visit are: The recovery and production of a local variety of chickpeas, currently recognized as a Denomination of Origin, and which is currently difficult to carry out due to the increasing presence of wild boar, and the production of the Forment wheat’s variety. These products are marketed locally and directly, to consumers, restaurants and bakeries to produce high quality bread. The innovative spirit and the initiative made them install in the farm a renewable energy heating system, where as a fuel they consume their own shaft’s production. In addition, they also produce electricity through photovoltaic solar panels installed on the roof of farm. The school, we thank the Rovira Costa family for their kindness and time that has allowed us having the experience of doing this interesting visit.

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