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27/04/2016 - Visit to Can Feliu

Visit to Can Feliu

On the 27th April 2016, the first year students of the Medium Degree in Agricultural and Livestock Production visited the dairy farm "Can Feliu" in the village of Campllong, in the region of the “La Selva”. The person in charge, Mr. Jordi Codina, made a presentation of the company and the crops intended for cows: Mr. Jordi Sagué technician of the company "Sagué Instal•lacions de reg”, he explained to the students the different irrigation systems installed in "Can Feliu": buried pipes and fixed sprinkler system, center pivot irrigation system, and reel system.Thanks to this visit, the students saw and compared different irrigation systems and knew the different aspects to consider when watering. We, the School, thank the cooperation of Mr. Xavier Codina, Jordi Codina and Jordi Sagué, for giving us the opportunity to make this interesting visit.

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21/04/2016 - Composting Plant “Els Sots”

Composting Plant “Els Sots”

On the 21th April the first year students of the Medium Degree in Gardening and Florestry, visited the Composting Plant “Els Sots” in Centelles. Mr. Josep Padrós, the person in charge at the plant, explained the students the raw materials used in the plant, the composting process, the end products and their use. “Els Sots” is a composting plant that distinguishes itself by the use of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms for the decomposition of organic matter. This combination avoids oxygenation of the composting piles and reduces the number of movements needed to be done in the piles, which has led to considerable costs savings. Gardeners can bring the garden cuttings and other garden waste to the plant and after they can buy the compost that they need in the construction and maintenance of gardens. We, the School, thank the company “Els Sots” for giving us the opportunity to make this interesting visit.

+ info: http://elssots.com/

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