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11/02/2021 - Dragging practices.

Dragging practices.

One of our principal activities in the forest is dragging. An antique and hard job where the persons used to descend all the cut wooden trunks from the wooded area of the harbor to places with easy access. It was an animal draught work, where the co-protagonists were, without doubt, the horses.

Currently, the activity is the same. It keeps being one of the primary forestry activities, but it’s clear that technology has helped make labor less physical than it was in the past. Dragging is carried out with a skidder or capstan tractor, or, depending on the floor conditions, with a self-loading truck.

05/02/2021 - Prize "Premi Emprenedoria Quintanes/BBVA entorn rural"

Prize "Premi Emprenedoria Quintanes/BBVA entorn rural"

This 2021 “Premi Emprenedoria Quintanes / BBVA de l'entorn rural” celebrates the third edition, and it's done by increasing until four award-winning names. Among the newness of this new edition stand out the best project with 15,000 economic amount euros, and the three secondary awards it will be granted of 2,000 euros each. The three runners-up will be distributed among the different sector's participants:agro-stock, forestry, and gardening.

The people with enterprising spirit, self-employed and small companies with a maximum of 25 workers that have activities in the agro-stock, forestry, and gardening actor in Catalonia, can present their candidacy. The announcement of the third edition, “Premi Emprenedoria Quintanes/BBVA de l’entorn rural ” will be open until April 30, 2021. The candidatures can be submitted through the questionnaire available on the web. EFA Quintanes school, with Fundació Antiga Caixa Manlleu, BBVA, and Casa Tarradellas motivate the announcement of this award that highlight the importance of the companies and the agrarian activities. And recognize the entrepreneurs who manage a prosperous environment through initiatives that watch over for sustainability.

This award with a biennial feature has been carried out since 2016 and has the objective to spread the enterprising principles and innovation in the rural world. This third edition is celebrated in 2021 and not in 2020 due to the generated Covid-19 situation.

Follow us on our new social network of the award: IG - FB @premiquintanesbbvaentornrural // TW @PQuintanesBBVA

+ info: http://www.quintanes.com/premi-emprenedoria-quintanes-bbva

03/02/2021 - Maintenance in the Jardines del Despujol.

Maintenance in the  Jardines del Despujol.

The 2º students of “Grau mitjà de jardineria” have done height pruning practice and the use of the elevator platform in the Despujol gardens. These gardens are in the Les Masies de Voltregà town council building. The school keeps a collaboration convention with the town council, and for four years, we are carrying out pruning and forest maintenance.

Moreover, the students have worked on how forest management is developed, the risk management of the urban trees, trees inventory, and other technical aspects.

In March, will be complemented the practices of climbing and security to access the trees.

These practices are included on the students' curriculum of the "Grau mitjà de jardineria" and are complemented, with an specific certification on lifting platform handling and height pruning.

The intervention consists of different sessions throughout the school year, with forestry students (the ones in the photo), and "Cicle formatiu de grau mitjà de jardineria; paisatgisme, medi rural and forestals de grau superior ". A detail that makes it more interesting because of the focus labor in multidisciplinary form.

18/01/2021 - Visit to the farm Mas Bes.

Visit to the farm Mas Bes.

Another year, the 1º students “Grau Superior de Ramaderia i Sanitat Animal “visited Mas Bes agriculture farm. Mas Bes is a company that produces milk for the ATO Natura brand.

Joan Viñolas explained to all of us the evolution and current functioning of the farm, the biogas plant where they produce electricity, and the solar photovoltaic plates for their self-consumption. Moreover, the visits to the farm they offer to all types of interested groups.

Generally, the Mas Bes visitors can complete the experience by visiting the “Museu de Pagès” to discover the life evolution of the countryside, the agro shop where you can buy products of own production, and finally, eat at the farm restaurant. The current circumstance and the limitation to receive visits due to the Covid -19 pandemic has driven Mas Bes to increase sum catalogs of nutritional products, creating new elaborate products and offering new service as, for example, selling Christmas baskets.

Mas Bes is an example of an open public company that progresses and risks new projects. From the school, we want to express our gratitude to Mas bes for this opportunity to conduct this interesting visit.

We hope soon, farms like Mas Ben will be able to retake their excellent production and educational activity that allows all kinds of public to understand and appreciate the importance of basic food fabrication like milk and meat.

+ info: https://www.masbes.com

13/11/2020 - Teaching Quality Day

Teaching Quality Day

We have participated at the "Bones pràctiques" table in FP dual in the "XVIII Jornada de Qualitat" in Ensenyament, where we have exposed our experience and curiosity.

As stated by the Department of education, these conferences aim to promote management improvements: effective and efficient. And help centers gaining excellent results in all their processes, especially those on learning and teaching. It has been very enriching sessions because of participation. And we could listen to other examples that will help us improve the system we are carrying out yet.

We appreciate the opportunity that the Department of Education has given us by inviting us to participate.

+ info: https://sites.google.com/xtec.cat/xviiijornadadequalitat/inici

28/10/2020 - New strimmer Honda-Echo and Aldimak.

New strimmer Honda-Echo  and Aldimak.

This week we have increased the machinery park with the acquisition of the new forestal strimmer of 4 -cycles UMK ​450 of 50cc courtesy by Honda-Echo and Aldimak.

After some years, requesting Honda to build 4-cycle strimmers of bigger cylinder capacity for forestry works, finally, they have put on sale this season a strimmer with these characteristics.

This strimmer would be able to carry different cut tools in addition to the wire and garbage disposal blade as well. The last one is a very relevant aspect for our students to see the advantages and strong points between 4-cycles and 2-cycles motors, always having as reference the forestry works.

Principal advantages are 25% savings in combustibility, less noise, fewer vibrations, less contamination, to sum up, and excellent economic and ergonomic efficiency.

Eager to try it!

23/10/2020 - Vidrà trip - Sant Pere de Torelló.

Vidrà trip - Sant Pere de Torelló.

The first student visit with the 1o students of “Gray Superior de Gestió Forestal i del Medi Natural” was a walking trip from Vidrà to Sant Pere de Torelló, where we could introduce ourselves to the forestry area interpretation.

Through the path, we knew different forestry arboreal, bushy and herbaceous species of the traditional vegetation Mediterranean weather. We learned to interpret different ways a forest area can be and, to know some measuring tools that are used to carry out a dasymetric inventory.

23/10/2020 - Mas Terricabras

Mas Terricabras

Visit of 2º “Grau Mitjà de Produccions Agropecuàrie”s to Mas Terricabras agricultural farm in Oristà.

Mas Terricabras is a familiar farm where it produces cereals and leguminous, and production of porcine and bovine cattle and fattening. Moreover, they generate biomass destined for heating and electric fabrication with solar photovoltaic plates set up at the farm roof.

Other singular productions are chickpeas with the designation of origin, a wheat variety called Formet escairat, green tomato, and direct commercialization. Also, jointly with other Lluçanès farms, they welcome visits in touristic routes called “La Ruta del Pa i la Ruta de la llet ”. Since the school, we express our gratitude to Mas Terricabras for this fascinating visit.

23/10/2020 - Dual practices.

Dual practices.

A new year begins. And we evaluate how the learning has been in DUAL studies during the summer season. Because of covid19, we had to postpone the start. But once we had assimilated the situation, all the appropriate adaptations were carried to achieve correct monitoring of the learning process, always keeping in mind the new sanitary conditions. The personal and direct connection between the third parts implied in the stay, student-school-company, guarantee this is enriching and accurate for all of them.

From the school, we strongly bet for this professional stay system in the company, and for this reason, we realized it would be interesting to extend it to the rest of the training courses taught at school. Being always motivated for the exit of good experiences lived in the last years in the“Cicle de agropecuaria”. We know that walking forward in this direction, we increase the possibilities of the student incorporation in the company where he/she has carried out his DUAL stay.

23/10/2020 - Reproduction Tortoise center.

Reproduction Tortoise center.

Visit to the reproduction tortoise center of Albera, located in Garriguella, and “Parque Medioambiental” in Selva. During the morning, we visited the Mediterranean tortoise breeding in Garriguella, in the Albera mountains, where turtles are breed to be released into the natural environment. A beautiful species as threatened as well. Joan Budó accompanied us through the visit making it very pleasant and didactic.

In the afternoon, we visited “Parque Medioambiental de la Selva,” where they manage a good part of the waste gathering from the region. They distribute and do organic matter treatment, as well. The person in charge, Núria Cifra, showed us the plant and explained to us its work.

01/10/2020 - Final Project year.

Final Project year.

Final Projects of the year consist of the last educational register that allows evaluating students’ competencies achieved through their academic training.

The link connection among the learning and professional training defines their singularity regarding the last projects realized so far. This year, the development, monitoring, and presentation have been different due to the exceptional situation we are living in nowadays. However, students and teachers have been up to this entrust responsibility. As always, the results have been very satisfactory. We ended a year they are going to remember forever.

Good job, good results.

29/09/2020 - New school year 2020-21.

New school year 2020-21.

“ I hope after this summer period you have rested and are excited to start a new school year and be willing to work and achieve the objectives we have fixed for this year. As you know, the pandemic is still with us, and we commit ourselves to adapt to this situation and follow the protocols and preventive health measures that will be a priority since the first day, to all of us and all the students. At the same time, the school will follow its formative teaching without losing the essence and the educational system that defines it.

I attach you a general teaching plan and “Pla d’organització I d’actuació curs 20-21 en el marc de la pandèmia de l’escola Quintanes”. We have done some modifications regarding what I sent you in July, adding new Department instructions. It is so important to read it down to the last detail and study this planning”.

22/09/2020 - Honor enrolment.

Honor enrolment.

All our students are a present to us #familiaquintanes

I ́m Laia Rius, and I’ve already finalized “Ramaderia i Assistència en Sanitat Animal” studies in EFA Quintanes. I achieved an honour enrolment and a recognition in Argó awards organized by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. It has been possible due to my stay in school. That has helped me in my personal and academically development.

I take with me a lot of good memories of these two years, and I recommend everyone who wants to focus his/her professional career in a farming or rural scope. I believe these studies are very useable. Either for the people who want to focus in ranching or the ones who want to keep in their university degrees like veterinary science or agronomist engineering because they offer you the required theoretical bases and great practice experience in different companies.

I’m Estel Barceló and in the middle of the pandemic situation I’ve ended “Cicle Superior de Ramaderia i Assistència en Sanitat Animal” in Quintanes. It seems impossible time passes so quickly. I still have in mind the day I began. Despite, a bittersweet finishing, I appreciate a lot these two years studying what I’m passionate for, learning new concepts and being part of this school.

I do not know what the future will bring me, but now I am sure where I am, what I want to be and what I like to be. From here, I would like to encourage everyone to discover this satisfactory feeling that can be get from Quintanes and all its people around.

Last but not least, I would like to encourage all of you to take in advantage the chances are planned within these studies: visits, study programs, trips and so on. All of them are priceless!! Besides, all the moments lived through Quintanes are unforgettable, and being quite honestly, Quintanes has made me grow as a person. I’m very grateful. Thanks to Quintanes I can leave with a full bag. I hope we’ll get in touch soon! Thanks, Quintanes family!

How easy is learning when you want to learn, you like what you’re learning and, they help you in learning

01/09/2020 - Laia Rius, a recognition in Argó Awards.

Laia Rius, a recognition in Argó Awards.

2020 Argó Awards, organized by la UAB, are focused on the best research work from Batxillerat and CFGS. In this 17th announcement, UAB has released the winner names coming from 26 Catalan High schools.

Our student in “Ramaderia i Assistència en Sanitat Animal” Laia Rius Canadell has been given recognition in the CFGS projects on the 17th Argó Awards announcement. Congratulations Laia!

07/05/2020 - 3x2. Three years, two “degree”.

3x2. Three years, two “degree”.

Search your method. If you want to get educated to the maximum, there are sectors you might interest and questions to make you chose, if you would like to create an interdisciplinary professional profile, if you don’t want to waste your time, and so on.

Ask for information. Call us 93.850.24.41 or send us an email efa@quintanes.com where we are going to explain all the possible combinations and options. In Quintanes we have your method!

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