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01/12/2016 - Visit to Mas Isern’dairy Farm

 Visit to Mas Isern’dairy Farm

On December the 1st, the second-year students of medium degree in farming visited the farm Mas Isern in Vic. Mas Isern is a family business that produces milk. The person in charge, Jordi Compte, head of the company, explained the evolution and current operation of the farm. A dairy farm is a type of company with a very high degree of specialization and technology, which requires high professionalism and expertise in many different fields: food security, environment, health, reproduction, feeding, reproduction, facilities, technical and financial management, etc. All these fields are in constant evolution. Mas Isern is an example of a farm that has a long entrepreneurial career in adapt and evolve over time. An example of selection of cattle they do is the use of "sexed semen doses" and "genomics" to select bulls that will be the parents of the future cows. Currently selling milk price are low compared to production cost, sales contracts milk to dairy industries involve production constraints; these facts make the dairy sector lives a moment of uncertainty. We the school thank Mas Isern the opportunity to realize this interesting visit.

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+ info: http://www.jardi.cat/

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18/10/2016 - Visit to the Mas Bes Dairy Farm

Visit to the Mas Bes Dairy Farm

On October 18th, the Mas Bes dairy farm, has received the visit of first-year students of High Level of Livestock and Animal Health. Mas Bes is a company that produces cow milk branded ATO Nature. Joan Viñolas, Carles Comas and Maria Viñolas explained the evolution and how the farm operates nowadays, the biogas plant where they produce electricity, and the farm’s visits available to all kind of groups of people interested. The visitors can supplement the experience visiting the historical Farm Museum, seeing the evolution of farmers’ lifestyle, the shop where you can buy several farm’s products, and finally eating in the restaurant farm. We, the School, thank the Mas Bes farm, for giving us the opportunity to make this interesting visit.

+ info: http://masbesdesalitja.blogspot.com.es/

14/10/2016 - Trip to France with the farmers’s students 2016

Trip to France with the farmers’s students 2016

From 3 to 7 October we made one trip with the students of 1st year of professional farming. The areas visited were the departments of Tarn and Aveyron. With the co-operation of the school MFR Peyregoux where we were welcomed, we were able to visit: the GAEC "La Durantie" (Saint Pierre Conils), organic farm cattle and swine; the CUMA (Lombers); GAEC Les Nauzes (Lautrec), a farm cow Blonde d'Aquitaine; the cheese cellars "Papillon" (Roquefort), The GAEC Baussie (Vénès) farm of sheep milk of Lacaune race; a slaughterhouse (Puylaurens), the Ferme La Vache Occitane, a dairy and dairy products farm (Puylaurens), the EARL Vernhes "Le Canard Gras De La Métairie Neuve" (Saint Paul Cap de Joux), an agricultural farm and breeding of ducks to produce foie gras; and lastly the cooperative Coopelso (Soual), which is a center for the production of doses for bovine artificial insemination. Along the way we also visit the “Cité of Carcassonne” and the Millau Viaduct. During this week students developed their ability to open to new realities, knowing the agricultural and livestock sector in France

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27/06/2016 - 5th International Conference of Forestry Training Centres (Solsona)

5th International Conference of Forestry Training Centres (Solsona)

Between 27th and 29th June more than 90 participants, training centers forestry , forest owners , entrepreneurs , research centers , professional associations ... have participated in this conference. It was co- organized through Eduforest and the Forest Technology Centre of Catalonia. The school Quintanes participated in a round table where they talked about the experiences of schools providing training certifications European motoserristes and a practical demonstration of an examination for certification ECC (European Certificate Chainsaw".

+ info: http://www2.eduforest.eu/?lang=fr&titre=international-conference-of-forestry-training-centres-every-2-years-next-in-june-2016&rub=2&srub=2&body=12

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