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18/02/2015 -

16/02/2015 - London Trip

London Trip

On 29th January the AGS course left for their annual trip to London. The seven students and tutor left from Barcelona and arrived in the UK capital in time to complete the first activity in pairs, which involved going to a particular part of London and finding out information there. Over three days they visited the Cutty Sark and Royal Observatory in Greenwich, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Camden and took a boat trip along the river Thames. They also enjoyed an English breakfast and visited typical pubs and restaurants. Everybody enjoyed the trip, practised their English and had a break from the intensive course which culminates with the official exam in May. In the photo you can see the students standing on either side of the Meridian Line in Greenwich.

11/02/2015 -

06/02/2015 -

05/02/2015 -

29/01/2015 -

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23/01/2015 -

PDF file: Photos

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22/01/2015 -

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12/12/2014 -

11/12/2014 - Study visit to the Cusachs Foresty site

Study visit to the Cusachs Foresty site

On 11th December the first year, medium level forestry students visited the Cusachs Foresty business. It was a rewarding, full day in which we saw a great deal of the machinery used in this field. Cusachs is a family-run company that has been in operation for many years. It was also a great chance for our students to see first-hand how a forestry-orientated business is run. We learnt a great deal about the practical side of the company's operations and Sergi gave us an excellent visit in which we learnt many things. Many thanks.

10/12/2014 - Christmas gathering

Christmas gathering

On Sunday 13th of December the school held its annual Christmas gathering for families of students. During the day class meetings were held with tutors of the medium level courses, there was an interesting talk given about ´parent authority`, then a delicious meal prepared by Pilar and co, and served by various students. Finally there was a draw for two lovely Christmas hampers. It was a great day enjoyed by teachers, other school staff, students and their families.

10/12/2014 -

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