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European Chain Saw operator certificate


EFESC has developed a rating common rules for chainsaw users throughout Europe.

Its main objectives are:

European standards chainsaw

Since 2008, all the rules of the chainsaw participating countries were inventoried and evaluated. In co-operation with various training centers, centers for assessment, certification in Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK) were prepared four levels chainsaw. The levels are tested and evaluated by an international team of instructors and chainsaw assessors.

Levels of Competition: The four levels of ECC are:

ECC - Level 1

Maintenance and chainsaw bucking techniques: This unit is designed as an introductory level for chainsaw users; basic issues of health and safety of the operator, maintenance and routine inspection of the chainsaw, chopping wood small diameter, and the safe use of tools to aid the lifting, handling and stacking timber.

ECC - Level 2

Basic techniques of cutting of trees (small trees): This unit is suitable for base operators; tree felling of small trees and bent trees and using a number of techniques, downing trees hung using hand tools, removing branches and cutting of logs, safely handling and stacking timber.

ECC - Level 3

Advanced techniques logging. This unit is suitable for more experienced operators; medium and large logging, using the most advanced techniques, the removing large branches and using appropriate winching equipment, including dismantling methods.

ECC - Level 4

Techniques for wind uprooted trees and damaged trees: This unit is suitable for very experienced operators. Technical plates root, cutting trees uprooted, logging severely bent and partially torn, broken goblet logging.

Rating ECC

Each level has a very detailed description of the necessary qualifications, requirements relating to knowledge, understanding and practical skills. For more information, see the different levels of ECC.


Using the European Certificate of Chainsaw only will be possible when the quality is assured. EFESC has developed a format on those rules. Therefore, only the certification of training providers, with accredited assessors may issue certificates under the standards of ECC chainsaw.

The training providers are audited by the National Agency (AN). If there is no respective National Agency in the country, another proven AN can perform the audit.

After passing the audit, the training provider may issue EU certificates to the respective participants that pass EU tests.

If you use an existing certificate may apply additional EU logo. Certified training providers will be listed in a national database of AN and the website of the European organization. At least every three years, training providers receive external audit.

What do you offer me?

The European Certificate of Chainsaw is not mandatory for chainsaw users, not for professionals or for those who use it occasionally. ECC complements and adds to the quality and safety! There are several reasons to have it: