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17/05/2021 - Visita to Cal Tubau

Visita to Cal Tubau

On 12 May, The students of 2o years “Cicle Formatiu de Grau mitjà en producció agropecuària” visited the farm Cal Tubau of 230 beef cows located in Pardines’ town (Ripollès). Josep Morera was responsible for explaining to students how to manage the farm placed in a mountain area.

Among other things, the visit allowed the students to know Bruna's breed and ecological production, planning about using available pastures to feed the cows. He explained that part of the flock is involved with transhumance in Empordà from December to May. From the school, we are thankful for the disponibility and the attention. It allowed our students to experiment because of the visit.

03/05/2021 - Company practices.

Company practices.

During all the year, the school changes every two weeks of students: First-year and second-year students alternate. When the students are not in Quintanes, they are doing alternative practice. Each student has a practice convention signed, usually near their residence place. Once they end their studies, proximity, and knowledge of the area can turn into an already professional relationship.

In the photo, Roger Carbonell, a student of 2o “Paisatgisme i Medi Rural, on his daily life practices in the company. In this case, he collaborates on the management of the ecological vegetable garden of Can Jubany restaurant. The tutor took the photos during one of the follow-up visits. Where the tutor, in this case, Mr. Quico Arumí talks to the student to ensure everything is going correctly.

Thank you to all the companies that feed this unique way of teaching us.

03/05/2021 - Floral Catskills championship.

Floral Catskills championship.

This year, the school will participate in floral @campionat_catskills. It will be the first edition of this discipline. Last year “Jardineria i Paisatgisme” of Quintanes’ team was placed in the third position.

The competition is about a practice session and tournament day. Two students participated (principal and reserve). Everyone will do a series of practices, and the two best-developed ones will come out as representatives.
Today was the day, good job!

Discovering floral art and unknown skills. Gardening has a very creative side that generally the students don’t have in mind, and they get surprised once they find out.

Gardening bloom in Quintans: setting up, preserving, and restoring exterior and interior gardens, like grass of sportive using, and carrying out activities of plant and florist production, taking place and maintaining the machinery and facilities, fulfilling with the environmental normative, the quality control and labor risk precaution.

30/04/2021 - Visit to Casa de les Abelles.

Visit to Casa de les Abelles.

The student Visit was to La Casa de les Abelles (Sant Pere de Torelló), where Ramon and Cèlia explained to us a lot of things related to the apiculture world. The visit was divided into two activities: the theoric one and the practice one, visiting the hives and applying what they explained to us previously. The visit concluded by extracting honey from a frame recently pulled out of the apiary and tasting it.

In this area, exists microclimates that benefit the existence of a large variety of flowers. Therefore, it makes possible an enriching and diverse fabrication with a great range of flavors and colors.

13/04/2021 - Visit to Mas La Carrera.

Visit to Mas La Carrera.

Student Visit of 2o year “Grau Superior de Ramaderia i Sanitat Animal” to Mas La Carrera. Mas La Carrera was the first, and for a long time, the only farm of Spain officially recognized by Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society www.aberdeen-angus.co.uk). An organization where its headquarter is located in Scotland and is in charge of the regulation breeding.

For some years, Mas La Carrera completed the breeding and fattening calves cycle with a feeding base of fodder and commercialized the meat produced with the brand NATRUS. http://www.natrus.cat/

We are thankful for the student visits to the companies that open their gates and show us firsthand the reality and the daily life of the sector.

+ info: http://www.maslacarrera.cat/

17/03/2021 - Climbing sessions.

Climbing sessions.

During the 11th and 12th of March, the students of 2o “Grau Mitjà de Jardineria” carried out climbing practices and safety techniques in the trees. The sessions were divided into two days, and the students learned the different knots that are used (overhand knot, double eight knots, bowline, Prusik ...), the techniques to access trees, to move through the crown, and to be secure.

Moreover, we worked on how to unload branches in a controlled way from a tree with the use of pulleys and a brake. The sessions were developed with the participation of three professional arborist and expert climbers together with the arborist teachers from second of gardening.

Afterward, the students will have to do a climbing technique exam that validates they have achieved the basic competencies on these techniques.

24/02/2021 - Visit to Àngel Caralt sl

Visit to Àngel Caralt sl

The daily life of Quintanes students is very varied. Face-to-face classes, practices in the company, social gatherings with professionals, group visits to companies regarding the sector, and capacity professionals.

In the photo, the students of 2o “Grau Mitjà d’Agropecuària” visited Àngel Caralt sl. Angel has 37.4k followers on his Instagram profile @angelocromatto, which is not a coincidence! We asked him why he believes so. We made him think a little bit:

“Our specialty is ensile fodder, as a consequence the machinery team are big and in large quantity, this makes it very exciting to the public, a lot of people is passionate on this world, but never does it as the way I do.” So, making things with passion is the point!

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