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16/05/2023 -

28/04/2023 -

+ info: http://www.quintanes.com/imatges/reg1001381_arxiu1_08-05-2023_11-55-03.pdf

01/03/2023 -

06/02/2023 -

09/01/2023 -



Visit with the 1st year Horticulture students at Honda Greens.

All day we were seeing and tested machines and tools. We want to thank Honda Green for explaining and showing them all the latest developments in the sector. A super productive day.

22/10/2022 - PROPERTY DRONE


In July, around 160 hectares were flown over with a drone, to supplement the existing information on the Quintanes farm to improve management.
With the photos obtained, a 3D model will be generated using photogrammetry techniques to obtain some products such as an orthophoto and a digital model of the piece of land. This action has been carried out within the scope of the drafting of the new Technical Management and Forestry Improvement Plan for the Quintanes estate.

11/10/2022 - MAS TERRICABRAS


Last Tuesday, October 4, students from the 2nd year of Agricultural Production had the opportunity to visit Mas Terricabras, in Oristà. The Rovira Costa family is responsible for this agricultural and livestock holding. It has different activities such as pig production, a herd of grazing cows, and fattening calves. They have different crops like cereal crops for grain, fodder crops intended to feed the herd, unique crops such as chickpeas with Denomination of Origin, and crops of varieties with differential qualities such as Xeixa and Forment wheat.

Mas Terricabras is also an innovative company that uses renewable energies, such as the biomass produced on the farm to heat the farm and photovoltaic solar panels that produce electricity. Mas Terricabras opens its doors to the public, welcomes visitors, and participates in the farmer's welcome days: Many things to see, learn and experience! From the Quintanes center, we are grateful to the Rovira Costa de Mas Terricabras family, for their kindness and for letting our students make this fascinating visit.

+ info: https://www.instagram.com/masterricabras/

30/09/2022 - FIRST AID.


Having first aid skills and knowledge helps create safer and healthier communities. This is what all the National Societies of the Red Cross promote and work for. It ensures that children and adults must have access to quality first aid education, a lifelong commitment to learning, and providing first aid that makes a more resilient society.

As a center, we provide our students with this vital knowledge. Every year at the beginning of the course, the Red Cross visits our center to provide this training to all our first-year students.

We are very grateful to the Masies de Voltregà Town Council, which subsidizes this training, demonstrating the sensitivity and support towards this learning within the school environment.

23/06/2022 - New magazine

New magazine

We want to thank everyone who participated in the magazine, without you the magazine would not be possible!
We hope you like it a lot, we did it with all the effort in the world, hoping to convey the essence of what happens in Quintanes throughout the year. +info: http://www.quintanes.com/imatges/reg1001272_arxiu1_22-04-2022_20-36-34.pdf

+ info: http://www.quintanes.com/imatges/reg1001272_arxiu1_22-04-2022_20-36-34.pdf



On June 20, 2022, Mr. Pedro Sillero of the company Honda Greens de la Garriga delivered a model CPH 55 sulfating trolley. This machine will be used for plant pathology practices for gardeners, farmers, and foresters.

One more machine to expand the range of possibilities to do real practices of phytosanitary treatments with E.F.A.’s students.

From here we want to thank the company Honda Greens. In particular Mr.Pere Cañizares and Pedro Sillero for their help, collaboration, and support in the formation of our students of current and future professionals in the sector.

01/06/2022 - Visit Cal Ros

Visit Cal Ros

The Cal Ros in Muntanyola farm is part of a European project know as FERTIMANURE in which UVic (Beta Center) and the Vic Flat Cooperative collaborate. A project was carried out for the innovative recovery of nutrients from secondary sources to produce high-value-added fertilizers from animal manure. FERTIMANURE is an acronym given in English as ” Fertilizers from animal MANURE”.

Twenty partners from seven EU countries, Argentina and Chile are teaming up to implement this project.

16/05/2022 - Visit BCN Drone Center.

Visit BCN Drone Center.

We did a study visit to learn about the possibilities of drones in the world of landscaping. A tool of the present with a bright future.

The BCN Drone Center is 1 of the only 10 drone centers in the world. The first civilian drone company in Europe, and one of the pioneers worldwide, is here next door.

12/05/2022 - European audit EFESC.

European audit EFESC.

European Forestry and Environmental Skills Council (EFESC) is an organization of members of industry representatives and organizations that manage and oversee the capacity certification processes and competencies at the national level. EFESC was established in 2009 by members of the project Leonardo of the UE. In 2012 the EFESC Manual was approved, and the organization was formally established. EFESC's mission is to make smoother the mobility of forestry workers and green areas within the European Union in the accreditation and promotion of the recognition of individual national qualifications among partner countries at the European level.

In May Kris Hofkens (Inverde, Belgium), Jessica Schmidt (KWF, Germany) and Carles Lorca (EFESC National Agency, CTFC) visited the school to carry out the control audit.

02/02/2022 - Gardening Study Trip.

Gardening Study Trip.

Al principio del grado nos gusta realizar un viaje para introducir a los alumnos de primero de Grado Medio en el mundo de la Jardinería, por eso fuimos de viaje al País Valenciano, donde se programaron visitas a diferentes espacios para que puedan observar diferentes zonas verdes de tipologías variadas.

El objetivo de este viaje era ver los diferentes espacios verdes que puede haber y que puede acabar trabajando el alumno, ya que vimos jardines privados, parques públicos, jardines históricos y botánicos y finalmente un parque natural.

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