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Higher Level Training Cycles (CFGS)

- Forest and environmental management (concerted)

- Livestock and Animal Health Assistance

- Landscaping and rural environment

FP dual: estudy and professionalization at the same time

Professional Training (FP) is the FP modality in which the student becomes an apprentice and combines the education in the educational center with the activity in the company. See PDF

Formació Dual

European Chainsaw Certification

Carnet de motoserra The EFA Quintanes school is approved as an examining center accredited by EFESC to evaluate the different ECC levels and be able to issue the corresponding European certifications.

Course Engineering and Rural Landscape Art.

Course Engineering and Rural Landscape Art.
Course Engineering and Rural Landscape Art.

EFA Quintanes School and the University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia have signed an agreement for the validation of continuing education programs.

Entrepreneurship Award 2018 (2nd ed.)

Premi Emprenedoria Quintanes/BBVA de l'entorn rural
The Farm Brewery Lo Vilot wins the Quintanes/BBVA Entrepreneurship Award of the Rural Environment.

The Association Trenca, of Lleida, was awarded the prize.

The prize, convened by the EFA Quintanes School, the Antiga Caixa Manlleu Foundation, BBVA and Casa Tarradellas is endowed with a prize of € 15,000 and 3 secondary prizes of € 5,000.

The awards were delivered at a gala at the building El Sucre de Vic with the presence of Cristóbal Colón as a speaker.

We help you to improve your FP

Servei Assessorament FP Our advisory service in professional training provides care for the person interested in improving their rating from your work experience and previous education and in terms of skills and career prospects.

FIFT - Company Family Territory Training: growth through new alliances.

Erasmus - FIFT

Erasmus - FIFT From this course, EFA Quintanes has become part, within the scope of training of the Erasmus+ European projects, of the 'FIFT' project.

This association is formed by 8 entities (Cefal ER-leader, FARI, EFA GALICIA, EFA QUINTANES, EPVR, ABU gGmbH, CFA MFR) from 5 European countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany and France. They all have experience and models of learning and organization, related to the dual system, learning, and in general, on work-based learning models.