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Medium grade training cycles (CFGM)

- Pig farm production (concerted)


The general focus of this course is on pig farming products and sub-products, paying attention to quality and profitability criteria. Also, attention will be given to carrying out production and facility/equipment maintenance tasks, while applying environmental protection, safety, animal welfare and hygiene regulations.


Agronomic principals, zootechnic principals, microbiological cultural implementation, workshop and traction engineering equipment, infrastructure and agricultural facilities, vegetal health principals, agricultural production, milk, egg and life-animal production , meat and other livestock-related product production, plant pathology control, labour training and orientation, business and innovation initiative and work experience and foreign language.


2000 hours.


´Graduate in secondary education` obligatory, 2nd year BUP (with a pass), FP1, access Course exam, ´Technician` or ´Auxiliary technician` qualification.


Organisation and maintenance of a known agrarian exploitation area, preparation, handling and use maintenance of an agrarian exploitation area’s facilities, machinery and equipment, carrying out tasks and activities on an extensive explotation area of herbaceous cultivation, carrying out tasks of plant pathology control, giving consideration to the environment and food safety, carrying out tasks in handling of livestock, carrying out tasks involving livestock-related products, for example – meat, wool and milk, commercialisation of agrarian / food based products.

- Gardening (concerted) (+ info)

- Forestry (concerted) (+ info)