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Apply for course 2024/25 - Codi de centre: 08032154

High grade training cycles (CFGS)

- Forest and environmental management (concerted)


This course focuses on programming, organising, supervising and carrying out general work in woodland and growth sites. Also, controlling and protecting the environment and enabling people to conserve and improve it by applying quality plans, risk prevention and ecological protection in accordance with the law.


Botanical agronomics, plant pathology, agrarian topography, agro-forestry machinery and facilities, environmental training techniques, forest maximisation management, forest nursery management and organisation, hunting management, continental fishing management, woodland management, natural area conservation management, forest fire prevention, forestry management and environmental conservation Project, labour training and orientation, business and innovation initiative, work experience.


2000 hours.


Bachillerato, former COU and FP 2, access Course exam, Higher technician or Specialist technician qualification.


Head of forestry exploitation site, synergetic and fish farming managemet, head of forest fire prevention and extinction, head of garden and forest exploitation area plant pathology treatment, design and development of garden restoration projects, leisure area and golf course maintenance organisation, environmental impact evaluation / business consultancy, educative activities in nature workshops.

- Livestock and Animal Health Assistance (+ info)

- Landscaping and rural environment (+ info)