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17/04/2013 - Study visit to Semega and Mas Gener

Study visit to Semega and Mas Gener


On the 17th April we travelled to the Girona area to visit two innovative companies involved in livestock genetics. In the morning Xavier Carrer from Semega showed us around the the company's facilities and then explained the new technology called Genòmica. In the afternoon the Xifra brothers at Mas Gener were kind enough to explain to us the genetic origins of their herds and how their robotic milking machines work on their farm.

12/04/2013 -

12/04/2013 - A technical day dealing with trees, so very interesting!

A technical day dealing with trees, so very interesting!


Last Friday 12th of April we at the school talked about trees as part of the PATT training day. Mr Josep Selga explained the characteristics that trees must have and, more to the point, how to grow a good, healthy tree. We talked at length about the production process of trees in a nursery and how to care for them properly. Mr Selga also spoke about the transportation of a tree, which is a vital stage in its life if quality is to be ensured. Lastly, there was a turn of questions which saw a lively and improvised round-table discussion occur.

10/04/2013 - Visit to ´El Francàs Vell`

Visit to ´El Francàs Vell`


On Wednesday 10th April the students who study the medium level Forestry course at Quintanes made a visit to ´El Francàs Vell` in Sant Agustí de Lluçanès. The site manager, Albert Camprubí, explained to the students about the type of forest found in the area and the different activities that the business carries out; from agrotourism to cow farming. The students also had the chance to see in person the various forestry-related tasks taking place and learnt how both forestry and farming related activities can complement each other. 

08/04/2013 - EFA Quintanes / MFR Chateau Jolibert exchange

EFA Quintanes / MFR Chateau Jolibert exchange

Between the 8th and 12th April Quintanes received a group of French students from the Maison Familiale Rurale ´Chateau Jolibert` school, found in the town of Bourgougnague, in the Aquitània region. The group stayed with us at the school and made various technical visits to different local businesses in the agriculture and farming sector; Embotits la Gleva, the Mas Carous farm in Gurb, the New Holland showroom in Vic, the wine and cava firm Olivella Galimany and the Pere Lluch oil producer in Guardiola de Font Rubí. They also made some tourism-related visits in Barcelona. While the French group was with us in Catalonia, a group of Quintanes students has spent time gaining work experience with French companies in the area around the MFR Chateau Jolibert school. All this has come about thanks to the collaboration between the two schools involved.

04/04/2013 -

03/04/2013 - Study visit to Semen Cardona

Study visit to Semen Cardona

On Thursday 14th March we visited Semen Cardona. This is a company dedicated to the production and commercialisation of multi-genetic pig semen. The firm is based in the Cardona area and has the objective of carrying out exhaustive controls on the entire semen production process, with a view to guaranteeing maximum quality in the final product. The students from the higher level Pig Breeding management and organisation course had the opportunity to see the company's Cardona centre first-hand. Technical director, Xavier Barrera, guided us on the visit as we learnt about the latest developments in the elaboration and handling of pig semen.

02/04/2013 -

21/03/2013 - Visit to Ripollès

Visit to Ripollès

On 21st March the second year medium level Forestry students made a visit to Ripollès. Agriculture Department technician, Santi Farriol, explained to us about wood auctions and managing public estates. We were also able to see the different silvi-cultural projects in progress in red pine forests, the building of forest pathways and the general management of public-use forest areas.

20/03/2013 - Study visit to Agric-Bemvig and Juscafresa

Study visit to Agric-Bemvig and Juscafresa

  On Wednesday 20th March the students from the medium-level Pig Farm production course made a study visit to two firms dedicated to producing agricultural machinery. In the morning we went to Agric-Bemvig, in Masies de Voltregà, a company involved in making different types of farm machinery, like milling and crushing equipment.

In the afternoon we visited Juscafresa, a family-orientated business, dedicated to producing different sorts of trailer. This firm is based in Camallera, Girona and has recently found new markets in countries like Mexico and New Zealand. 

We were very well looked after at both companies and would like to express our thanks to everyone involved for adding to our students' learning.

18/03/2013 - Study visit with the second-year Pig farming management and organisation students to Baviera, German

Study visit with the second-year Pig farming management and organisation students to Baviera, German


Between the 18th and 22nd of March this year we had the opportunity to visit the Baviera region of Germany. The group was made up of 7 students and two teachers; Jordi González and Marco A. Jacho López. During the trip we made different technical visits including ones to the Deutz Fahr agricultural machinery factory, the Gotz bio-management farm, Lampl - hof direct sell, the Kellerer milk-producing cow farm, the Reitanlage Fenzl horse farm and the Schneidhuber liquid-feed pig farm.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following groups and people for their collaboration; the managers of Terramaq Josep Maria i Lluc, Same Deutz Fahr Iberica, the farm material firm Weda and partners, BayWa and Martin Schubler, representative of the Ministry of Baviera Agriculture and Food.

15/03/2013 - Study Visit to Claro Farm

Study Visit to Claro Farm

On the 15th March the students from the second-year medium level Pig Breeding production course visited the forest rabbit re-population farm at Palafolls. It was a very interesting visit, given that the farm has very different management, sanitary and production processes to normal animal farms. Mr Pere Clarà explained to us all the different aspects of this facility which intends to aid the re-population of hunting zones.

+ info: http://www.granjaclaro.es

14/03/2013 - Study visit to Jardí Pond

Study visit to Jardí Pond

On the 14th March the second year medium-level Gardening students visited the facilities of Jardí Pond in Terrassa. On the visit we could see and touch a whole selection of objects used in the world of gardening: soils, wood, paving, statues, rubber, pebbles ... It really was an open-air exhibition of different materials that all professionals should see.

14/03/2013 - Visit to Embriones Equinos

Visit to Embriones Equinos

On Thursday 14th March we went to Taradell with the students from the higher level Pig Breeding management and organisation course to visit EMBRIONES EQUINOS, a company dedicated exclusively to horse reproduction. Accompanied by the technical director, Mr Guillem Formiguera, we were able to visit the facilities, as well as find out about the latest advances in assisted reproduction and the freezing and the transplant of embryos.

12/03/2013 - VE/TP Pujalt Observatory

VE/TP Pujalt Observatory

On the 12th March the first year students of the higher-level Pig Breeding management and organisation course visited the Pujalt observatory where they did different activities on a tour guided by the meteorologist Albert Borras. We studied different types of meteorological equipment, visited parts of the facility, and learnt about the relationship with agriculture and the aspects involved in weather prediction. We also looked at how to make a climate study and carried out experiments in order to understand meteorological processes better. A great, fun day all thanks to Mr Borras.

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